What Type of Gambler Plays at a Casino?


Many people enjoy gambling at a casino, but what type of person gambles? While many people believe that gambling is an activity for young adults, older adults are also a popular group for casino gamblers. The most common casino games are slots, video poker, and electronic gaming devices. Nearly half of survey participants said they preferred slot machines over other casino games. A quarter of survey respondents said they preferred blackjack. Only 4% said they preferred roulette.

A casino’s profit depends largely on its house edge and variance. The house edge determines the percentage of profits a casino will earn from a given game, while the variance is used to calculate how much cash the casino should hold in reserve. These calculations are done by computer programmers and mathematicians called gaming mathematicians, but not every casino has the expertise to do this in-house. Therefore, casinos often outsource this work to outside experts.

Customer retention is a crucial aspect of casino marketing. To build customer loyalty, casinos need to provide more than just casino games. Casino patrons are often hungry after hours of playing, thirsty after a big win, or looking for something to do with their families. By offering more than just slots, casinos can entice customers with other attractions, such as live entertainment, shows, or food. In addition to offering these non-gambling attractions, casinos should also try to form deep relationships with local communities and contribute to them on a regular basis.